hive construction

Side view of AZ hive:

B        -    back view
BS      -    brood chamber
BW    -    brood window
D       -    door
F        -    front view
HS     -    honey supper
HW    -   honey-supper window
IF       -   inner front wall
QE     -   queen excluder

Today, many beekeepers use modified AZ hive. They increase number of frames to 11 in brood and honey section. That enable to put additional six frames at the back of the hive after removing of inner windows and replacing them with adapters to hold tree frames in brood section and three frames in honey section. That increase total number of frames to 28. Another modification is to build three section hive instead of only two. In that case, two sections can be used as a brood chamber or as a honey section. Usually one section hold only 9 frames, so total 27 frames. Additional modification is increase of the height to include Varoa mite control screen at the bottom. Instead of metal sit queen excluder they are using QE made of solid wires, which is much better for the bees. I would suggest to buy at list one sample of already made AZ hive before trying to build your own. 

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