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Entomology at the Slovenian Forestry Institute

Dr. Janko Bozic

I worked fo a while as a forest entomologist at the Slovenian Forestry Institute (2000-2001). My major concern was to build up appropriate information source. My first project wass to prepare some data and work sheets for most common insects in Slovenia, which could cause larger damages to the forest trees. My major research work is directed toward honeybees. More about that you can find on my personal bee-home-page.

I made some observations on spread of Metcalfa pruinosa into the central part of Slovenia in the year 2000. It looks like Metcalfa is spreading into the Central Europe, not so much in the year 2001, but lighter further spread was observed in 2002. You can check for some photos of Metcalfa in Ljubljana (slovene description). I had also observed gradation of Yponomeuta evonymella (slovene description) in Prekmurje region in 2002.

Please, contact Slovenian Forestry Institute for recent entomology work in slovene forests!


Doc.Dr. Janko Bozic
Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Biology
Vecna pot 111
SI-1000 Ljubljana

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